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How Did The 80's Sound Affect Your Music?


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I have tried to listen to your Geffen album so many times, but I cannot get past the 80's reverb and electronic drums...

I love many of the songs on that record, and feel they would have been so much more spectacular without the 80's production...

As an example: American As Apple Pie ....with your 70's band, that song would have been so much more colorful, and emotional....the only saving grace on that record, is your amazing vocal performances...(as always, you never short changed your audience) and the REAL piano on the ballads.

I wonder if you had, during the creative process (and after it was finished) feelings of "my songs were hacked", because of the production?

Also, what did you do when a producer had different ideas as to how YOUR song should be arranged, versus what you heard in your own head?


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I'm a fan of a more organic production style...The synths of the 80's got to be a bit much...I loved Eric's 80's music...But like Bahoo I wonder how those same songs would sound if they we de-synthesized...It it does leave the barn door wide open for Eric to remake some of his own songs and put 'em out there again if he should ever choose to do so.

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Spotlight - one very under-rated song, IMHO - sounds amazing, and could easily be 'fixed' to get rid of the '80s feel. In many ways it has the potential to be a classic rock/pop song - along the lines of 'Glory Days' or 'Born to Run' by Bruce.

Anyone interested in listing the songs they think could be improved (or brought up to date) and re-released today?

Take the '80s sax solos out of several songs ("Make me lose control" comes to mind), and you could have some classic 'timeless' music.

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