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chris hess

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honestly,the inside story here has come to a halt..i miss bernie and eric here..guess we all got spoiled!! we are all people here..communication is one of the best things i love here.. i know there's legalities at this point,but i love you two as people first,then as someone to look up to in that order..just thought i had to say that..do'nt know why..i just did..lol,chris

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I haven't left, but I do apologize for being a tad AWOL of late. I have been keeping busy doing a lot of "behind the scenes" things for the upcoming Raspberries release. But I guarantee that my involvement will dramatically increase as we get closer to the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of EricCarmen.com -- coming NEXT month!!! That, in conjunction with the 30TH ANNIVERSARY of "Boats Against The Current" (coming this FALL!!!) along with the impending CD/DVD release of RASPBERRIES: LIVE ON SUNSET STRIP will keep this joint jumping for the remainder of the year. Oh yeah, not to forget the possibility of more live shows, Eric's solo gig with the orchestra, etc.!


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We can always bet that if Bernie and Eric aren't around, they're VERY busy doing something else, which, in both cases, always means working on something coming up. Although we love them being here all the time, if they're busy on upcoming projects, that's GOOD news!

Mrs. Webmaster is privy to all that Mr. Webmaster is, and she's a LOT of fun. Besides, she understands the power of cheese... :)

Yep, exciting things are around the corner!

:) --D

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