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"The Wrestler"


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Eric...Have you seen Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"?

Even when I was a kid I noticed that Top 40 Radio only had so many slots and that when you went cold you were doomed to purgatory.

Even when I was a kid I noticed that similarly...the various "WWF" TV shows had so many slots and dropped you as your popularity waned....suddenly you're "Superfly Jimmy Snuka" and you're fighting at Lynnewood High School with the "Iron Sheik" instead of toplining at Madison Square Garden!

The parallels are obvious to me between wrestling and the music business.

To quote the great Bill Withers..."Just keep on usin' me...till you used me all up".

I go to some "Oldies Shows" and see these groups gettin' paid nothin' and signing and hawking their own CDs much like Mickey Rourke is schleppin' his old video tapes,action figures, and Polaroid camera to these third-rate venues to make a few bucks and recapture his "Glory Days".

Together with what you've told us about God-Awful Raspberries bookings in the 70's...this awesome movie made me think of the illusion versus the reality of the music business as you have described it...and how it's not much different than Mickey Rourke's wrestling reality in "The Wrestler".

Have you seen this extraordinary film?

If so...What did you think of it?

BTW..Marissa Tomeoi looks Damn Good!-Ira.

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One of the striking things about this movie is the reality of the wrestling business versus the illusion...and at many "Oldies" shows,Star Trek-Type conventions and nostalgia-tinged festivals...one feels a sense of "Thoreau"'s" concept of "Quiet Desperation".

"The Wrestler" successfully wreaks of "Quiet Desperation" at the very core of Rourke's and Tomei's "Jersey People".-Ira.

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