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Eric, Any Thoughts On American Idol?

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Very enlightening post by E regarding what it takes to be a true rock icon. The same can be said of certain actors. George Clooney comes to mind. He makes it look so effortless. I read an interview with Matt Damon where he tells of being George's roomamate while filming. He says he woke up at four in the morning one day and found Clooney sweating up a storm in his workout room. And he said to himself...Ah, so maybe it isn't so easy...

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I read an interview with the producer of American Idol recently. British Invasion Week was supposed to be Beatles Week, but George Martin could not make space in his schedule to do the show. They would love to have Paul but Macca has a big problem with the way his fellow Brit Simon slags the talent. He is embarrassed by the borderline nasty things Cowell sometimes says to the contestants.

Bottom line, we probably will see a Beatles week next year, but the mentor will be George Martin and not Paul.

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Eric Carmen said:

Kiss is the some way. It's a total commitment by the band to go for it, on every level. I have complete admiration for a group that can all get on the same page like that. That's what I always wanted for the Raspberries. ec

Yes & NO...

I just saw Kiss on a recent VH1 Rock Honors show & they sucked sucked sucked and were dreadful on top of it..... mostly Paul Stanley who sang himself into a hole and never got out

and of course the fake "Ace Frehley"-- i really wanted to make him evaporate immediately....

they (the comeback Kiss since 1996) were ok until they continued to go for the $$$$$ in the most crass of ways... which, i guess, is par for the course in Kiss' case....

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I saw on itunesw today that both Blake Lewis and AI winner Jordan Sparks have EPs out already and Blake's is rated higher and a bigger seller. Justice.

Based on what little bit I watched (usually on highlights) I think Jordan has the better voice but Blake is the better "showman" of the two... something that she might grow into...

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As Eric said, Carrie Underwood has really turned into a terrific performer. Kellie Pickler has had an impressive debut also, as well as Elliot Yamin and Bucky Covington. These artists have settled into what they like and are comfortable performing. What's scary is that Jordin is talented at singing in many styles, so after the AI tour is over, it will be interesting to see which style she will develop.

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I saw KISS in concert 3 years ago....(I thought my son was gonna vapor lock when Gene did "Unholy" from the rafters!!!)...I was impressed with their show... Maybe the voices and faces have changed, but when you hear "Rock and Roll all Nite" live with confetti snowing down on ya and thousands of fans screaming at the top of their lungs (me included), you're doing something right!!

I thought Melinda Doolittle would actually be the winner this year.....but I don't think she'll be hurting for any label to pick her up... she made a name for herself!! I was glad Jordin won too....the guys this year were not at all on their game (IMO).

I think of all the winners of AI, Kelly Clarkson is my all time favorite. I like what she's done and I like the way she's "grown" into her music!


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