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Eric, Any Thoughts On American Idol?

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For all the flack American Idol takes, it's given us Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Both of these girls put out really good CD's last year. At the very least, American Idol is putting "pop" back into whatever is left of mainstream radio, and at it's best, it just might give the world someone who turns out to be great. Jordin Sparks is only 17. If she's this good right now, she could be amazing by the time she's 22. I think Randy and Simon are usually right on the money and Paula provides a nice balance. Tonight I saw them advertise that they were looking for bands. Who knows what they might find? ec

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Braves fan said:

I think I'd be more apt to watch if they had a "battle of the bands" doing original songs!

Kind of what I was thinking. Its one thing to search for the best singer by having them sing popular songs, but for me bands have always been about their unique sound and their original material (not that some great bands don't do some great covers). The thought of several weeks of a bunch of cover bands makes me cringe.

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Pink DOES rock!! She's good...and her new song is great!!

I enjoy watching the solo artists....but I think it's time for a change. And hollies, I defenitely think they should do a few "covers" shows.

The bands could range from Polka to Heavy Metal...would be fun to watch!!


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Agree with most. Jordan should easily win. Next week will be close between Blake and Melinda.

I agree with Eric that AI does allow some pop in the scene but the show really is America's Best Vocalist so often they tend to pick the soaring songs to show off their voice, but after awhile I grow a little tired of all the shouting.

Now a show for bands would be cool, as it would combine muscianship, vocals, song compositions, etc.

BTW.. I wonder if someone was capable and wanted to, could a contesant sing with their own acoustic guitar, or sing from behind a piano or do the rules prohibit it?

I will say the house band sounds pretty good, so did Barry last night.

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I saw Barry Gibb last night. He is still great!!!

As for the finalists, in my opinion, I don't think any of them are that good. I rather see Taylor Hicks still reign as the champ. Last year's contestants were much, much better.

BTW, I am not a Pink fan. I fail to see her talent.

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