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Magic - Tony Burrows - Carmen?


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Thomas Edison was a very underated singer. He also played organ and kept one in his famous Menlo Park laboratory and played and sang with the lab employees. He later appeared (uncredited) on "Inna Gada da Vida," and "Funeral For a Friend" but for some reason people prefer to remember him for inventing the lightbulb and phonograph.Go Figure. Allegedly, he partied alot with Tony Burrows.

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And Thomas Edison invented the phonograph JUST so the masses could hear him sing. Inna Gada da Vida had been kicking around Menlo Park for years before a lab assistant convinced Tom give him some studio time to record it. Tom also played tambourine on the recording. That's how I remember it.

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So, does that mean that Andy Kim was the lead singer of The Archies.

What I don't get is why the cartoon cover albums not the photo of the original group.

The Archies cartoon series on television has the

voice of Andy Kim?

Didn't the earlier Archies cartoon have a song they sang "Sugar Sugar"

And more cartoons had songs .

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Gord, try reading the thread all the way before posting! It has already been established that Ron Dante is the voice of The Archies (other than two females that sang some of the songs with him). Andy Kim co-wrote many Archies songs (including the ubiquitous "Sugar Sugar") but was not a featured vocalist on any Archies record.

Heck, I recently learned that Ron Dante actually is singing the "female" lead on the Archies' song "Jingle Jangle"! With some tape speed manipulation (and clever performance), he actually manages to sound like a girl. This info came straight from the man himself!

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Your not going to believe this, I was doing some searching on The Archies, I was really amazed to what I found on Ron Dante.

He has three albums right,


This really stumped me, The Archies- The Original Recordings From The original voice.

He also has a favoritesalbum also a Saturday Night Blast Album.

I tried to listen to some samples of his ron dante albums could not from the Launch cast yahoo music site.

Only certain songs are selected to sample listen.

It's really tricky isn't it when two great artists mingle with one huh.

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