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Shaun Cassidy

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Eric: On Shaun Cassidy 1977 album "Born Late", there is a song called "Teen Dream". In the bridge, he sings "An overnight sensation, no time for an explanation, sensation (sensation) yeah, yeah, yeah". Did Shaun listened to the song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" & decided to use that line?? :huh: In another song "Strange Sensation" (also from "Born Late"), what did you think of that song?? By the way, there are no plans (Curb Records, Collectibles or Collectors' Choice) on reissuing all of the 6 Shaun Cassidy albums (1977-1980) because I think Curb owns the rights. I do have Shaun's "Greatest Hits" (Curb) on CD. Matt

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Matt, when I first hear the Born Late album by Shaun Cassidy, I immediatly sensed a Raspberries connection. Obviously the Eric penned songs were a connection to Eric, but there were other songs on the album that seemed to hint at Raspberries songs.

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