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Eric...Hypothetical Question

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I'm with James. "Junior's Farm" ROCKS!! I also think that I Reach For The Light is a wonderful song. I will say, however, that when I first heard End Of The World I sat in disbelief that that song could end up on any Eric Carmen album, much less sharing the same vinyl with the great Desperate Fools. It was like, WHAT???

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For what it's worth....

* Yeah, I'm a "Junior's Farm" fan too.... "Soily," I can live without. It was from that mid-'70s Wings period where Paul was rockin' out a bit. It seems like a song made for his band to crank on, but it's one I would skip past every time I played that Wings Live Over America album. I'd give it a D... at best a C-.

* As for "C Moon" -- damn, I've waffled on that one. Paul played it on his 2002 tour, and I thought, "Hmmm, odd choice. Get on to the next one." (He dropped it from the 2004 set list, however, as far as I know.) Yet when the Back in the US disc came out, I found myself strangely attracted to it, and NOT skipping past it. (My little daughters would say, "Dad, why are you singing "See Moon," and what does it mean? The moon's not out right now....") That said, I'd still give it a C, or maybe a C+ at best.

* As for "I Reach for the Light," it was probably one of my three favorite Fresh songs (with "IWBWY" and "Let's Pretend") when I "discovered" the album while in college. But now, "If You Change Your Mind" ranks up there and replaced "I Reach." Even so, it's still a success as a song, IMHO, and I still love hearing it. But there aren't many pop songs better than "If You Change Your Mind," by anyone, from any era. Great playing, great vocal, great production, great tag.... That's an A+ song if ever there was one. Same with "IWBWY" and "Let's Pretend." I'd give "I Reach for the Light" a solid B.... A lot of writers would love to have penned that one.

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My two cents......I also like Junior's Farm. That was popular when I was in high school. The DJ played that it lot at the school dances.

My favorites from the Fresh LP has always been "If You Change Your Mind", " I Wanna Be With You", "Let's Pretend", and "Nobody Knows."

"I Reach for the Light" came in fifth for me, but I do like to hear the scream!

My favorite all-time EC song is "Tonight" from Side Three.

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I suspect Soily was written as an extended jam specifically for the WOA 76 tour. The show I saw I believed encored out with Hi Hi Hi, and finally Soily. An odd choice as I don't believe anyone had ever heard of soily before the tour, lyrics a little goofy, should have ringed up John for some help on that one.

He was still pretty stingy with playing his live Beatles tunes at the time, which at the time made sense, to establish Wings, which was pretty good timing as the 1-2 punch of Band on the Run and Venus and Mars was pretty hot.

(Literally as I write this Paul just did a cameo on SNL tonight, pst)

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I was working in a Mall retail store in 1996 and I had the Geffen album on cassette in heavy rotation on the sound system.One day a female customer was present when "You Took Me All The Way" came on-she asked who that was and where she could get it.I had to break the news to her that it was out of print in the States and only available on Cd in Japan.

I love "You Took Me All The Way."

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I always liked C Moon, it's a little quirky.

How in the world did he convince the rest of the band to play Let 'em In? Now THAT'S one McCartney song that's lyrically awful and trite and shmaltzy. Do you think they all cringed at the idea of playing that?

I remember in a National Lampoon magazine there was a sort of Beatle issue and had a trivia question, When did Paul McCartney write Silly Love Songs?

A: 1964 to 1987.

Funny Stuff!!

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McCartney played a secret gig in London on Thursday. Song #4 in the setlist is back again.

'Drive My Car'

'Only Mama Knows'

'Dance Tonight'

'C Moon' :o

'The Long And Winding Road'

'I'll Follow The Sun'

'Calico Skies'

'That Was Me'


'Here Today'

'Back In The USSR'

'Nod Your Head'

'House Of Wax'

'I've Got A Feeling'


'Get Back'

'Hey Jude'

'Let It Be'

'Lady Madonna'

'I Saw Her Standing There'

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Eric Carmen said:

Maybe this will help. Songwriting is a craft. Like shoemaking. At a certain point, a good shoemaker probably becomes incapable of making an outright bad pair of shoes. Songwriting is the same. ec

I thought master songwriters could still write a crappy tune, but were smart enough to throw it out after some reflection, before too many people hear it.

That's why Kirk and I want to raid EC's secret music vault, so we can find some things to make fun of the dude...and get a copy of that original "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips Video" that Eric secretly watches once a week... :cool:

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"I Wanna Hear it from Your Lips" now that's one I cant listen to anymore! (Sorry Eric, I hope you dont take offense).

Dont get me wrong, I really liked it when it first came out. I think maybe the reason is it sounds a bit dated now. It kinda has that 80's "vibe" to it, with the synthesizer and all...


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Tony Cartmill said:

That's why Kirk and I want to raid EC's secret music vault, so we can find some things to make fun of the dude...and get a copy of that original "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips Video" that Eric secretly watches once a week... :cool:


Are you still trying to hold onto your spot in line for your next strangulation episode?

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There was a band from the 70's called Edward Bear that had a huge hit with "Last Song." you know... "this is the last song, I'll ever write for you." They followed it up with a sequel on their next album called "Close Your Eyes" which finishes the love story. Harry Chapin had a big hit with his follow up to Taxi. Musical sequels are cool. We should start a thread on this. I bet there are a lot of them.

I put Go All The Way and YTMATW on a mix tape back to back. Sequels are rarely as good as the originals (except for Superman 2 and Spiderman 2)

but it's great fun none the less. No cringing please. Sometimes it's fun to listen to a crafted work. You have no idea the smiles you put on all of our faces the first time that one came spilling out of the speakers.

IRFTL makes my Best Of Eric Carmen CD easily, and that's with only 80 minutes of recording time. We all love that song!

If you want a stinker, there are none on Raspberries albums (EC compositions), but my life would not suffer greatly if I never heard "Come Back To Your Love" again.

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