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Curious question: any interesting memories of Raspberries (or solo) album cover photo sessions?

I'm mainly asking about Raspberries sessions since the out-takes from "Fresh" look like lots of laughs were had (you know, okay, who sits in front, etc.) and you had Bob Gruen shooting the inner sleeve of "Side 3" and Richard Dilello (Beatles photo/author of "The Longest Cocktail Party," and who also shot Badfinger's "Straight Up" cover) doing the photography on "Starting Over."

I always thought the inner poster on "Starting Over" would have been a better album cover than what Capitol came up with. Not having a say in album covers must have been frustrating.

Don :)

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The photo on the first Raspberries album was taken on a brutally cold day. We were standing on a little hill in Central Park in New York City with just sport coats on.The wind gusts were about fifty mph that day and we were absolutely frozen. By contrast, the "Fresh" cover was shot in an un-aircondition studio on a blazing hot summer day in NY. So here we were, sitting under all these hot lights, probably 90 degress and humid, in those white suits. We were all dripping wet and joking about how "great" we would probably end up looking under the circumstances. I always thought we looked like wax figues from Madame Tussaud's on that one. By the time we got to the "Starting Over" album, we really wanted some control for the first time. We insisted on Richard Dellillo because we liked that great cover shot on Badfinger's album cover. I think we went up to Richard's house to shoot that one. We were out in the woods and I think it started to rain, so we shot that one fairly quickly. I remember one critic saying he "seen better album artwork on bootlegs" about that one. We did like the inside poster, however.I honestly don't know why no one ever asked us what were wanted. We just never had a strong advocate to go to bat for us. It was really pretty sad. The fourth album was the only one we actually got to see before it was released. And then they told us it was too late to change anything. We were always afraid that we would make them mad, and they'd bury our record, so we just grit our teeth and played along. ec

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I loved bell-bottomed jeans too! I remember wearing similar outfits to go see rock bands in those days. I remember sparkly tops and velvet jackets with low-rise bell-bottomed jeans, platform shoes and oh, that rhinestone jewelry! To top off the whole thing, I would put on my patchouli perfume oil by "Spirit in the Sky," or whatever that company was. When we walked into a club, it always smelled like a patchouli perfume factory! I still love that scent!

Kathy and I talked about buying some of the best outfits at Casual Corner. What a store! What memories! Look at what your post about clothing started!

:) --Darlene

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