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On The Spot...Pick One


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After The Raspberries all the band members put out an album. I thought that they were all good but in different ways. Daves was a great story telling cd. The more you listened to it the more you were drawn in. Jims was the purest "Pop Rock".(laced with GATW chords) There wasn't a bad song in the bunch. I was dissapointed that it really didn't capture or showcase his full talents on the drums. No "Thunder Boy " explosions. Wallys,with son Jessie was the most technical and had several kick ass songs with great layers of harmonies.Wally did a killer job in the production of it. The title track Dry ,is pure ear candy when you slip on a set of headphones.

Can you give us your favorite or comment on them individually ?... be careful !


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You know, I've listened to all of them, probably a couple of times, and there were things I liked about each of them,but In order to give you a true critique, I'd really ahve to go back and listen them much more carefully, track by track. Off the top of my head, I thought the Boxer cd was a good solid pop record, I loved the intimacy of Dave;s, and I really enjoyed Jesse's voice and the way that Dry created an atmophere that drew me in. ec

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