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Eric: How Bad Have You Got It?


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Now that you're one of the 'regulars' on EC.com, I have a little quiz for you. The quiz consists of four scenarios, with 3 possible answers to each. Give yourself 1 point for 'A', 2 points for 'B' and 3 points for 'C'. Ready?

In the morning:

A- You turn on the computer after your coffee to check the message board.
B- You turn on the computer before your coffee so you can check the message board while drinking your coffee.
C- If you're short on time in the morning, you skip the coffee so you can check in on the message board.


A- You check the message board at least once a day.
B- You check in so often you're looking over your shoulder to see if your spouse is watching.
C- You leave your spouse waiting in bed so you can check in 'just one more time' before turning in for the night.

If you miss a day on the message board:

A- You wonder what you have been missing while you were away.
B- You not only wonder what you've been missing, but wonder if anybody missed you.
C- You develop facial tics.

If you have to be away:

A- You can't wait to get home and check in on the message board.
B- You check it while on vacation.
C- You search for 'hot spots' if there is no internet available.


5 or less- Life is still fairly normal
6 to 8- Friends and family are starting to wonder.
9 or more- You are as addicted to EC.com as I am!

So, how'd you do? Kirk.

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Tony Cartmill said:

She can alternate that with the triangle on our death-metal covers... :blink:

The triangle is a must when performing the Anthrax catalog, I must say....

Tony, start working up that version of "A Horse With No Name," will ya?

Some other covers we'll be horsing around with:

"Philly-delphia Freedom" (Elton John)

"A Quarter (Horse) to Three" (Gary U.S. Bonds)

"Pony Boy" - Bruce Springsteen

Maybe we can tour with the Ad Horse Band...

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If you guys need a roadie (road-apple clean up), I'm available. One time my wife was running an equestrian center, and some guy asked what I did. I told him I was a pilot. I pile it here, I pile it there... :lol: Kirk.

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