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A Masterpiece!


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Hey Reid... how ya doin??? Last night Kiwi and I were showing some friends some of our pics from our USA trip and of course the first one up was you and Kiwi sitting in that food hall at LAX. Brought back great memories and especially our amazement and joy that you had taken the time to come and meet us. Thanks again.

Next time we'll spend more time and perhaps catch up with your neighbour Sherberries :)

Muzza :cool:

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I *almost* got to see Muzza and Kiwi. I had my work schedule arranged so my day off to visit my mom would coincide with their stop over at LAX. Then I found out that they would be there on a different day :mellow: and I couldn't swing it. I won't be going to Cleveland, but maybe we can all hook up when the 'berries play L.A. again :) Kirk.

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Sherry, I've always adored ICR, and was so happy that everyone was raving about it after the very first Raspberries reunion concert in November 2004. People were saying they thought it was the most beautiful song of the night. It truly shone like a diamond that evening for all the concerts to come, but I don't think I've ever heard it as beautiful as it was Sunday night, (although Saturday came close). On Live on Sunset Strip, it's AMAZING!

I've always called it Eric's "opus," because it has everything--it's a symphony in miniature.

:) --Darlene

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Hey Muzz!

Good to hear from you. Coincidentaly, I just popped my shots of you and Kiwi into my "special save" file. :) No thanks are needed for the run to LAX. I was totally happy to make the trip. Meeting you guys was wonderful and could there be a better way for a Noob to be introduced to EC.com? I think not. Oddly enough, in spite of being only twenty minutes away, Sherry, Kirk, and I have yet to link up. Hopefully we can remedy that.

Why wait for an LA show? Do either of you two have a favorite place to meet for drinks? :lol:

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