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Cool Proven Combo

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It seems to me while Eric polishes off the Raspberries dvd, that I suspect he has a bunch of unfinished, wordless, melodies in his head that he doesn't know what to do with.

I see it as three viable choices.

1) Wait and see what the interest is on The 'berries dvd. Some of these songs could be the new Raspberries album.

2) They also could be the new EC album. Half which would come from the previously unreleased EC material, which is extensive.

3) The Carmen-Pitchford-Ienner combo is a certifiable hit machine. Why not do it one more time?

4) Invite Marvin, Bernie, and I over for drinks while we listen to you're new stuff, and give you our expert opinions, while playing rhythm acoustic guitars behind your insane chord changes.

Why not? I'll start packing...

Seattle Steve

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Thanks for the high honor Steve. I readily accept.

Re those "insane chord changes", Andy and I spent many, many hours over 25 years talking about those 'berries/Carmen songs wondering how the heck Eric came up with some of those changes and those out-of-this-world bridges.


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Not even deceptively complex--*extremely* complex! I've spent 30 plus years trying to duplicate all those chord changes on the piano and marvelling at the architecture and loving the gorgeous melodies and bridges that "visited" Eric so often. Ahhh, therein lies the attraction. It's pretty mystical. That's why we're all still here.

:) --Darlene

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It's tough being an amateur guitar player trying to play piano favorites. Even Billy Joel throws us hack guitarist a bone with some of his songs, where we can actually use an open chord, Eric's stuff, I have gone online and still can't find the guitar chord, at times I'm not even sure it exists.

Billy S: How were you able to jump in so quickly to Eric's complex guitar world?

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speaking of cool chord changes, i took a little 1+ hour road trip outside of austin here yesterday, & up on my ipod cued 'starting over' - something that caught my ear yesterday on that tune was the *brilliant* (& brief) modulation at the end of the song to bookend it. i mean, it was delicious, it was appropriate, thoughtful, creative, it was a dramatic left turn, yet completely melodically accessible for the non-musically astute. it really got my attention, so here's repeated props to mr. eric 'take me to the bridge' carmen - i was like, 'damn, that guy can write a bridge/modulation!' made me wonder if that particular slice was another ex. of eric drawing from his classical background playbook

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