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A Question I Must Ask Eric


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mannoman said:

My cubicle mate is Penny Whyte. Our clients affectionately refer to her as P. Witty.

Reminds me of the sign on I-95 South to the George Washington Bridge. They can't fit the entire name on the sign so it says G Wash Br. I looked at my husband and joked "G Wash must be his rap name."

Which reminds me of another great George Washington story. When my nephew Dan was in either nursery school or kindergarden, and learning about George Washington, his teacher asked if anyone knew who George Washington was. Dan raised his hand and when the teacher called on him said, "he's a bridge."

(He's 15 now and we still don't let him live that one down.)

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In Hebrew-there is a wonderful saying-"Kishmo Ken Hoo"-He is like his name.Once in a while-a person's name actually describes him like "Mannoman's Dr."Pulls" or a kid I met in college "John Shmuck"-believe me-"Kishmo Ken Hoo".How did "Kid Rock" get so lucky to be born with that name?-Ira.

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We have Dr. Sugar the dentist, Dr. Docktor, an MD and Dr. York who all practice in York, PA.

Because I work for the post office, I see the most unusual names. The ones I liked best were Buffy Boots and Candy Cotton. Almost forgot Anne Amal and Bethany Beach. My favorite street has to be Sillyman St. Yes, it actually exists. Then there are the unusual last names such as Peed, Belch, Boose, God, Hooker, etc. and some that would probably get censored. Just can't imagine going through life with those last names! There are also many ordinary people who are given famous names, such as Courtney Love. We see them all the time!

My cat's name is Chloe. Since I couldn't have kids(people) of my own, I started naming my pets names I would have given actual children. Today my pets truly are my children.

I have always liked the name Cooper for a boy, but the kids on the playground would have had a field day with "Pooper Cooper"!!

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For the 'names' aspect of the thread... my great great grandfather was Dorastus (and apparently went by the nickname of Dory). My brother used to swear to our parents that he would absolutely name one of his children after Dorastus so he could shout/call to them exclaiming " 'RASTUS...!!! you get your ass-tus in here right now!!!"

Thankfully, when he married, he & his wife chose Sean and Cory instead.

Jeff Bryant

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"Does anyone think Matthew Sweet did this project just to be around "Susanna Hoffs".

Before seeing them on Leno the other night, I would have said "no", but......after seeing the two of them, now I'm not so sure.....

(Matthew has not aged as well as Susanna.....)

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couple of thing:

1) Eric, Ihave a brother named Ossama, and cousing Adolph and an aunt named O.J.....that's not the problem....it's my neice named Stalin

2) there was once a Doctor Mocktor Bocktor in our local telephone book...my foot Doctor is Dr. Walker, my eye Doctor is Dr. Spectre and my Oral Surgeon is Dr. Head....no kidding! How weird is that....and when I finally had enough money to buy my wife a proper diamond ring, the lady at the jewelery store who sold it to was called Geme Diamant...true stroy!


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If you think that's bad, consider the woman who named her kid Goldenpalace.com because that particular online gambling site paid her a huge amount of money to do so...or the people who auction naming rights to their children on eBay...

Anyway, I have no problem with the argument that the less "offbeat" a name is, the easier it makes a child's options. Parents who try too hard to give their kids "creative" or "cute" names can do a whole lot of damage to their kids.

What parents need to remember, first and foremost, is that they are naming a real live human being who will have to live with the consequences of their naming decision for a long time. Also, that they have no real way of knowing where that child will want to go in life, and thus they had better give that child a name that will work no matter what that child chooses to do.

Another thing: giving your kid a "fad" name that is popular during a particular period of time will date the poor child like nothing else. So will giving your child the name of a popular soap opera character. Sheesh...

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