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ASK ERIC Goes Live!


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By now, everyone should know that Eric visits this site regularly and has participated via proxy, frequently e-mailing me responses to threads on the Message Board that I'd post in his name. Well, last night, Eric said he wanted to become a more active member on the Message Board. So, don't be surprised if a new member with the screen name "Eric Carmen" joins in on the fun :)

And in the tradition of welcoming new members, I'd like to be the first to welcome Eric to the EricCarmen.com community!


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Once Eric starts posting I'll be able to give him a custom title befitting his "rank" :)


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I'm typing from my great sisters place today.

Eric your going LIVE!



You know Eric Dave and Wally and Jim, I really miss youguys alot and everyone on here.

I wish every day and I do pray for your concert in Toronto, Or Hamilton.

I pray to meet you all.

You mean so much to me, your music your voice and your styles through out the years.

You have done and everyone have done to keep me up to date with items, greetings, I do really appreciate that.

I will do everything in my power to keep in touch with everyone.

Until I am back on the internet during the summer.

It will be fantastic to be back on board.

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Great news :) I think it's pretty significant that after all these years- and the bad experience he had before- he is going to post here. Very cool! Since I live in California, I guess I'll be the one to volunteer to duct tape Tony's mouth (hands?) if he gets too carried away. So, welcome to the board, Eric! Kirk.

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Greetings to Eric..and welcome to this amazing website. This is a friendly site and I'm sure Eric is aware of the positive energy this site provides all of us. I always walk away from my computer with a happy smile on my face, after discussing and sharing memories with all my friends. Once again, Welcome Eric, you are among friends.


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Guess I just lost my spot in line as the one who lurked the longest before joining as a member. :lol: Like everyone else is saying - welcome, Erico.

And I had to smile a huge smile at Jeff's opening line on his post above. Made me think of a t-shirt I saw back in 1976... :cool:

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I want to see him start threads like "Eric's Best Song", "What's Your Favorite Eric Record?","Is Boats A Masterpiece?", and "When Will The Raspberries Live CD Come Out?" like all of us do!

Welcome aboard, Eric! Should be alot of fun......

(Watch him clean up in Tommy's "Name That TUNE" contest........)

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