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"Cindy In The Wind"

Tony Cartmill

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My sense, and I'm guessing, is that Eric doesn't necessarily dislike his unreleased compositions but perhaps the treatment. With todays acoustical technology, and Eric's attitude I can see him going into the studio and re-recording many of these old gems and using the first vocal track out of the chute, not over rehearsed.

The dilemna as I've said before, which are solo and which would benefit with the 'berries.

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I honestly think Eric doesn't think much of his unreleased songs now, for the same reasons he decided not to pursue them when they were relatively fresh songs.

In other words, had Eric felt "Cindy" could have been raspberried-up, he would have done so on the group's debut LP much like he did with "Waiting," a song he penned years before he wrote "Cindy."

I believe Eric can write a song as catchy as "Cindy" every day if he wanted to. That's not the point. We all know what a skilled composer Eric is. I do think he writes to challenge himself a bit.

Eric seems to record what he likes at the moment and if something he writes doesn't get recorded, he never even considers resurrecting it. Good for him, I guess, but bad for for us who would love to hear every single note he writes down and every words he pens.

I've been planning to upload some really RARE stuff here in the coming weeks that nobody has seen nor heard before to spark discussion. Look for a first posting of some VERY INTERESTING stuff this weekend!

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I agree with Kirk about "Love At Last." It's gorgeous. "It Should Have Been Me" is another one that I love. My mother just adored these songs and insisted on listening to them every day with me. She would get tears in her eyes and say, "That's so beautiful." I completely agree. What a treasured collection!

:) --Darlene

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Billy Joel put out an album called "Songs in the Attic" a million years ago that featured cult hits long before he was famous, live versions that were better than the studio. Eric should do the same. Get some good equipment, in a Cleveland piano bar, do a set of all the old unreleased stuff, tell stories about each one, and sell on the internet. One night.. why not? Second night, do the same with released stuff. Third night new stuff. No one has mentioned a hit country song that Garth, Keith U, Sugarland, or a Tim/Faith duet couldn't make a hit song.. "High Cost of Loving You."

I'd kill to have a stool, coaster, and drink around that black grand piano.

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Tony Cartmill said:

What do you disagree about?

I don't think "Between The Devil.." is as good as you and others seem to think it is. I definitely think it deserves to be officially released, but not necessarily placed upon the pedestal that many place it upon. I could be wrong here, but I think Eric wrote the music and Pitchford wrote the lyrics. I much prefer the music to the lyrics on this one.

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