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Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak

HT from Mo

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From memory so I might miss a couple:

Dave: "Get It Moving", "Rock & Roll Mama", "It Seemed So Easy", "Every Way I Can", "Making It Easy", "Should I Wait", "Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak"

Wally: "With You In My Life", "Come Around And See Me", "Might As Well", "Last Dance", "Money Down", "Party's Over",

Scott: "Rose Colored Glasses", "Cry", "Play On"

IMHO, All of Wally's are A-1 (he wrote them as well). About 3 of Dave's are A-1 and Scott's are average with "Play On" maybe a bit above average..

Those guys were very good, Eric Carmen was the genius..

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Scott's only solo song-writing for Raspberries was "Rose Colored Glasses." He got co-writing credit on Cry, I Can Hardly Believe That You're Mine & Play On with Eric and with Wally on "Hands on You."

I think Wally & Dave are awesome songwriters, just not as prolific as Eric was so there was less of their stuff to choose from when it came time to record. A few of the songs that Eric offered, while solid, were not better than the stuff that came from any of the other guys.

That said, Eric's best works were probably superior to those of his fellow band mates, but certainly not every song that he contributed to the albums could be certified as genius.


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Yes basically.

Except I think "Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak" and maybe "It Seemed So Easy" were at least co-written by Eric Carmen, "Don't Want To Say GoodBye" I think was co-written by Carmen and Bryson, and one or two of Scott's leads were co-written by Carmen.

Sorry, I'm not with my CDs or I'd give you a for sure answer but fundamentally each guy sang his own songs.

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Cool! The info is actually posted in the Music section above I believe under lyrics. The more I listed to the Greatest Hits CD that I have, the more I paid attention that not all of the songs were sung by Eric.

Dave and Wally did a fine job IMHO.

Did Jim sing as well other than backup?

HT from Mo

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Don't forget that "Don't Want to Say Goodbye" featured a co-lead vocal (Wally and Eric). Right?

James, re: your evaluations.... I always liked Wally's contributions, too. And I thought his evolution as a writer and vocalist from first album to last (only three years' time) is pretty dramatic. It's hard to believe the same guy who did "With You in My Life" (my least-favorite Bryson) also did "Party's Over." The latter is my favorite Wally song, because of the attitude and because it seems to capture the group's frustrations, much like Eric's "No Hard Feelings" did on his first solo album.

Heck, I'd call Dave's and Scott's songs A-1, too! They're part of what makes those four albums so high-quality and timeless. It's high time Raspberries got back into the studio, don't you think? :-)

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OK: here's the lead-throat lineup:


Rock and Roll Mama / Get It Moving / Goin' Nowhere Tonight (co-wrote w/Eric) / Every Way I Can / It Seemed So Easy (co-wrote w/Eric) / Making It Easy / Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak / Should I Wait


Come Around and See Me / Don't Want to Say Goodbye (co-wrote and shared lead w/Eric) / With You in My Life / Might As Well / Last Dance / Money Down / Party's Over / Hands on You (co-wrote and shared lead w/Scott)


Play On (co-wrote w/Eric) / Rose Coloured Glasses / Cry (co-wrote w/Eric) / Hands on You (co-wrote and shared lead w/Wally)

All other stuff lead vocal by Eric


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Or maybe you're making much less of the chemistry of all 4...

I think there are one or two tracks such as (IMO) "Rock -n- Roll Mama" that might lie in the "average" area, but by and large they have a very high ratio of good tracks. Even the best bands have a track or two that aren't up to the level of the others.

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Well, Average/slightly above average can also be good. But Eric's stuff can be really good to GREAT! I'd like to hear some of Wally's newer compositions to see how/if he has grown as a songwriter...

IMHO, James living in Chicago raises the whole city's IQ up a half a point...Rising above that hardcore labor union mediocrity mentality.

That is, up until he started hanging around Sugar's Soda Shoppe.

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