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Hi there,

This has probably been asked and answered but since I am still learning could anyone tell me whatever became of that George Barris beauty?? I know there was a contest that you could win a replica but what became of the original? Also does anyone have or ever seen the Revell model of it?

Thank you so much in advance!


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I have since now read that the original "Raspberry Rolls" was given away in a contest and a young girl whose parents didn't think she should bother to enter the contest because she never had won anything...well, the young girl from Florida went ahead, entered and won...lucky girl (MJ is there something you aren't telling us LOL!!) I wonder if she kept it and if she didn't I bet it's the biggest regret of her life for not!

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raspberrywolf said:

Ummm Austinberries, it's not a creation of Chuck Barris from the "Gong Show" but rather a classic hotroad creation from the legendary "King of Kustomizers" George Barris

ahh yes, all those Barris's sound alike to me; thx for clearing up this slice of pop culture trivia, but ya gotta admit it's some thing Chuck Barris coulda had a hand in like he did everything else!

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