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Love Is All That Matters...


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...magically sounding in the middle of the night...

ERIC: I'm in a small town Capilla del Monte,in Cordoba province, Argentina. I use to come here every summer,on "Uritorco" Mount,a very energetic place.

Last week, being here on Uritorco (very late in the night at 11:45 pm),I was getting a taxi, going to a Pub with friends. The moment I got into the taxi it suddenly began sounding your VOICE (beautiful and tender)—It was the local Radio Station playing your song "LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS"...sounding here, in the middle of the mountains,in a remote town in Argentina,in this strange place...

I was so moved, it was so magic!!!

There are no words to express my feelings Eric. I really hope you do know how special you are, your great music, your great mind…

Nothing is perfect—just these instants are perfect. These moments of perfect clarity, anything else...And you must know, Eric, that sometimes when your voice or thoughts are suddenly sounding on the air, whenever you are...you make it possible. You create and re-create some of these perfect moments. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heartpump::heartpump::heartpump:

LOVE for you all from far away, :)


PS: Mount Uritorco is acknowledged as a site of unexplained phenomena ranging from lights seen at its summit to possible UFO landings, as well as metaphysical theories involving dimensional doorways and hidden underground cities...

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What a great post.... Thank you, Andie. "Love Is All That Matters" sure is a great "night-time" song, especially as you describe. And "sublime" is the perfect descriptive.

(It's nice to hear that particular song getting airplay in Argentina... or anywhere. Back when Eric released his Boats Against the Current album, I personally thought "Love Is All That Matters" had hit record potential.)

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Thank you so much LC, Kirk, Darlene, Barbara LV(Unregistered?)...for your so sweet words!

Last night I was listening to this song again, and all that Magic came instantly to me again!!

The soft and sweet tone in Eric's voice when performing this, can lead us to surrender to the Aesthetic Emotion we feel before such a Beauty. All this cannot be translated in words, of course. All is instantaneous...

"For an instant, the energy of one's perception becomes inseparable from the energy of the creation" (John Berger)

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  • Raspbernie changed the title to L'instant et le sublime…LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS magically sounding in the middle of

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