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Eric, Is Your Hair Naturally Curly?


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We laughed our butts off, didn't we??? You know, as much as we indulge in our little fantasy games, we so love the boys because they are awesome musicians and genuinely great guys with very very nice significant others.

But HT,Bessieboo, Sherri, Muzza and Kiwi, you have so much to look forward to with our boarder group too - so much fun and common interests.

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We try to have as much fun as humanly possible! And enjoy every moment. I've had sooo much fun since I joined and I've never thought it was a wrong decision - this board has some super members and you'll laugh your a** off and also learn something about everything along the way! I'm more inclined to speak my mind nowadays than when I first started posting. heeheehee!

Thanks for the great topic!


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I know, HT, but I mean ALL the way back --- you know, where he's here regularly and we can torture him again! :P It's just not as much fun it we can't torture that sweetie! :) There are worse things in life than a board full of playful women. :lol: Then again... maybe he and his hair should go incognito from us just to be safe! :cool:

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That would most likely be me. I'm the one with the color-matching fetish. And to make it worse, I'm in full-blown mode since I'm redecorating my house so beware.

We're harmless, Eric. We just know you've had a rough time so we're trying to make you roll your eyes :rolleyes: , shake your head at us a few times and wonder :huh: , and laugh at how ludicrous we can be :lol: when we tease you. We care!

I do have a genuinely serious question(s) in all of this for Eric. When dealing with hair, clothing, etc do you find that you have to keep up an off-stage image just like an actor does? Who "creates" the look for you at any given time and do you have the right to say you won't comply? (I know you talked a bit about this in one of the video threads but I guess I'm wondering if it affects your other facets of life.) I would think that at this stage you're pretty much who you are and if others don't like it then so be it. :D

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