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Raspberries Infommercial


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"They also cost a minimum of $100.000.00 to produce, and that's doesn't even count paying for TV time."

Which makes one wonder.....while I know he sold tons and tons of records/tapes/CDs/etc., owned a theater in Branson, and a couple of motels, how did Boxcar Willie come up with the dough to market his stuff this way in the first place?

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Seattle Steve said:

I still say work your way onto 3 1/2 minutes of a late night talk show while the release is still fresh and newsworthy

I agree with you, Steve. A few minutes on a New York-based talk show like Letterman or Conan would reach millions of people --- plus, New York is in driving distance of New Jersey, so Bruce Springtseen could introduce the guys...


Bubba: "Mr. Carmen wants youse to introduce Raspberries on television..."

Bruce: "But, but, I wrote the liner notes..."

Bubba: "Bruce, youse still have ta pay off your debt to the Godfathers of Power Pop. Get in da car..."

Eric: (singing a little number in the car as Bruce sits in the car beside him) "...so bring the group down to the station, you're gonna be an overnight sensation..."

A few hours later in New York:

Conan: "I've got this band on the show tonight, but Bruce Springtseen is really eager to introduce them, so..."

Don Krider :)

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