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Eric: I'm In Tokyo...What To See?


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Tony, I respect when you state your honest opinions and don't cower to political correctness. Being this way, at times you're going to attract criticism that's unfounded or out of proportion to your actions. IMHO there's never any intentional cruelty in your posts. Though, when you're not afraid to live on the edge, there will be times you go over it and need to apologize. You were correct, and showed your character when you apologized.

But don't friggin change! You see the world correctly and are funny as hell. I love reading your stuff.

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This topic has come at a great time! My oldest daughter is in Japan right now participating in a study abroad program. (Some of you may remember her from WAB III last summer) She has four more weeks in Japan. I will pass on everyone's great ideas to her. Thanks!

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Raspberrywine, you won't believe it. Guess which hotel is the very first hotel listed on the Trump site, today?-New Otani Hotel (Tokyo). A friend of mine mentioned the same place, yesterday. Supposedly, it's been around since the sixties, but renovated in the late 90's? He said it was his favorite place. And he said he has been to each city within 70 miles of Tokyo, so that's saying alot. He served the military. Their 10 acre garden was designed 400 years ago, before the hotel was built.

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