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Eric, How Happy Are You?


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I never really noticed it until this past weekend. Eric, you're always smiling! No matter when I caught a glimpse of you at WAB, you were smiling. In every interview on VH1 or on cleveland tv....you're smiling. You're even smiling in radio interviews. 20 years ago, I wonder if that grin was there. These days you seem to take it every where you go.

It's contagious!

Dave :)

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While Eric's in such great spirits, I know it's only August but,it's not too late to start recording that Christmas album I suggested last year. Set up the tree in the studio, hang some stockings around the piano, and hit the "record" button so we can have it in our hot little hands in 4 months!

Hey, I'll even supply the eggnog! lol


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Ooooooh dear.

Eric, can I have a word with you? Come over her for a second.

(Put's arm around shoulder in managerial style)

OK, here's the thing. Happiness: Good for you that's great! I'm.... well, happy for you.


As a career move... as a musician? Bad idea.

See, the thing is you may not have noticed, but the recording industry has pretty much all but removed any trace of joy or happiness as a viable expression for musicians. It's just not done.

Anger? yes!, Depression? Yes! Thinly veiled contempt? Yes!

Happiness, in fact is a liability and a taboo. I'm sure you'll come to understand and see our way about this. So here you go. There's enough heroin to get you started and with a little time you too can be complaining about everything with the best of them.

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