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Eric Carmen: Marathon Man


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I didn't even know who Tony C. was at the time, but still thoroughly enjoyed it!

Had there been pictures of this attempted strangling readily available, it would have been great to include them in the CD booklet....if for no other reason, to raise the question -"who is this man, and why is Eric throttling him?")

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If a photo does exist, my lawyers are holding it till said defendent, Eric Carmen successfully completes his 4th comeback to the top of the music charts, and runs out of room to store royalty cash and gold in his underground estate vaults (Kirk and I have seen them).

At that time, said defendent, Eric Carmen will be more open to a generous settlement for the brutal assault allegations depicted in this 2005 Sunset Strip incident.

So, while I'm waiting for Eric's latest comeback, I will continue my chiropractic and Asian massage parlor neck and other treatments, and work on "Photoshopping" Eric into pictures as Michael Vick's pitbull trainer for my next money extortion case...

That ought to get a couple of paragraphs in Bernie and Ken's "Marathon Man" sequel. :cool:

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That was such a great show..( I mean the concert, not the strangulation haha , but that WAS really funny !) Can't wait to re-live it via DVD/CD !!

Regarding that photo...I DO seem to remember seeing something...but I think it was just as the color was returning to Tony's face after Eric had loosened his grip !! ;) Ahh....memories !

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