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While we're in dream mode:

Raspberries, off the success of their forthcoming LIVE CD/DVD springboard into the studio for a double length album complete with not only new songs but remakes of the 'Cream of the Crop'... including Scott on some of the songs!

Off that triple platinum effort, the five guys each offer a solo CD a la the KISS set during their heyday... Eric... Wally (with Ducks or Jesse?)... Dave... and Jim (with Boxer?)... Scott... The Overdubs can be the house band for each act...

And why not being released on the "rumored" Eric Carmen Records?

Puh-leeze... nobody wake me up until it happens!

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I just know that if you've loved something for 30-someodd years then you're still going to love it now! Some things just simply remain the same --- good music speaks to your soul. I'm sure it'll be great because it's where our hearts lie and it's a part of us.

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Ok I'm trying very hard to be patient but :angry: aaarrrgh!! - no new posts on the live CD for 18 days now! Eric, are there any new morsels you can give us? I know Bernie previously said that as well as being recorded for audio, the gigs were filmed as well. Are you planning a DVD release as well as a CD? Do you have similar plans for a release following your October solo show?

By the way, can I just say it's mega that you decided to become "active" on the board - your posts are the icing on our Raspberry delight!

Yours hopefully


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Now, what they COULD do regarding the 78 rpm......in '68, on Moby Grape's "Wow", the last cut on the first LP (it was a double album, the second disk being a couple of long songs/jams), was cut in 78 rpm - "Just Like Gene Autry: A Fox-Trot", introduced by Arthur Godfrey, and sung by (what turned out to be) an increasingly insane Skip Spence through a megaphone. (He was admitted to Bellevue shortly after recording that LP, after mistaking drummer Don Stevenson for a demon, and attacking him with an axe.)

At the end of the next-to-last cut, the listener was instructed to change his/her turntable speed to 78 for "Fox-Trot".

When asked years later about why this tune was done this way, Spence replied - "It seemed like a good idea at the time!" When Peter Lewis was questioned about it, he said - "Hey, it was Skippy...that wasn't that abnormal for him!"

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