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Baby Boomer's Music Quiz


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This is from Newsweek Magazine....for all you fellow Boomers (and non Boomers also)and especially for one of our favorite Boomers EC...try your hand at this one!

I will include the answers very shortly so Old Blue please do not say how people did.


1) Who hasn't dated Linda Ronstadt?
a) George Lucas b) Jerry Brown c) Jim Carrey d) Al Pacino

2) Who has never co-written a song with Bob Dylan?
a) Sam Shepard b) Carole Bayer Sager c) Pete Seeger d) Tom Petty e) Michael Bolton f) Gene Simmons

3) Neil Diamond went to NYU under which kind of scholarship?
a) Filmmaking b) Poetry c) Fencing d) Dance

4) Which unknown did Bruce Springsteen pluck out of the audience to dance with him during his "Dancing in the Dark" video?
a) Sandra Bullock b) Courteney Cox c) Paula Abdul d) Sarah Jessica Parker

5) Who didn't come out of Detroit?
a) Parliament-Funkadelic b) Smokey Robinson c) Luther Vandross d) Ted Nugent

6) Complete the following Parliment-Funkadelic lyric: "The roof. The roof. The roof is on fire. We don't need no water/let the ----- burn."
a) heirlooms in the attic b) motherf---er c) Godforsaken money pit d) home of my ex-wife

7) Match the singer with the backing band:
a) Johnny Cash b) Elvis Presley c) James Brown d) Toots e) Benny
1) Jets 2) Famous Flames 3) Tennessee Two 4) Blue Moon Boys 5) Maytals

8) Name the noncommittal male character in the Fifth Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues".
a) Phil b) Bill c) Gil d) Will

9) Who didn't die in an airplane accident?
a) Patsy Cline b) Ritchie Valens c) Stevie Ray Vaughn d) Ricky Nelson

10) Who never played guitar with the Yardbirds?
a) Eric Clapton b) Ron Wood c) Jeff Beck d) Jimmy Page

11) Did Elvis Costello pick his first name before or after Elvis Presley's death?
a) Before b) After

12) Who didn't die at 27?
a)Jimi Hendrix b)Janis Joplin c) Jim Morrison d) Brian Jones e)Cass Elliot

13) Which dance was made famous by "Saturday Night Fever"?
a) the funky chicken b) the hustle c) the electric slide d) the polyester chafe

14) Which of the following are stage names?
a) John Denver b) Cat Stevens c) James Brown d) Bob Dylan e) David Bowie

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Ok, I'm game -

1. (d) Pacino

2. © Seeger

3. © Fencing

4. © Abdul

5. (a) Parliament-Funkadelic

6. (B) motherf***er

7. (a) - 3 - Tennessee Two

(B) - 4 - Blue Moon Boys

© - 2 - Famous Flames

(d) - 5 - Maytals

(e) - 1 - Jets

8. (B) Bill

9. © Vaughan

10. (B) Wood

11. A tough one - I'm going to guess (a) Before, although My Aim Is True came out several months after EP's death.

12. (e) Elliott

13. I'm going to guess (B) hustle, although I thought the electric slide was also prominent in group scenes in that flick.

14. All but ©, James Brown

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Regarding # 2 - Dylan and Gene Simmons co-wrote "Waiting For The Morning", which, I believe was on one of Gene's solo albums.

I don't believe Dylan ever co-wrote with either Seeger or Petty, but the songs on the first Traveling Wilburys LP were credited to the entire band, so I'm guessing maybe Bob did write with Tom P. after all.

I also think there are 2 legit answers for #13, as many of the solo dancers in SNL were doing the Hustle, and the Electric Slide also came up in a group scene or two.

I'm still curious about the Elvis C. answer, though - My Aim Is True came out in Nov. 77, but I'm not sure exactly when he decided to call himself "Elvis"....it might have been immediately after EP's death.

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Elvis Costello's real nam e is Declan Patrick MacMannus

John Denver's real name is John Henry Deutchendorf (sp)

David Bowie's real name is David Jones but he had to change it due to the David Jones of the Monkees fame having the name first.

It was the Hustle in SNF. Man, that Stevie Ray question was a tough one.....

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The correct answers according to Newsweek are:

1) D
2) C
3) C
4) B
5) C
6) B
7) a:3 b:4 c:2 d:5 e:1
8) b
9) c
10) b
11) a
12) e
13) b
14) a,b,d,e

Only John (Old Blue), John O, and Tommy Tunes answered the entire quiz:

Socres....John (Old Blue) 15/18 for 83%
John O 14/18 for 78%
Tommy Tunes 15/18 for 83%

Partial Scores:

Dar 3 correct
Anne C 3 correct
Julesberry 4 correct
Jennifer C.(aggiejc) 1 correct

There is a longer multimedia version of the test at xtra.Newsweek.com on MSNBC....Not sure if the questions on here are repeated in it. Good Luck.


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My apologies John O.....of course you got 1) and 2) correct and should have been credited with a 16/18 as your valid score or 89% (I had used my answers as the key). Sorry about that!

You win an old recently discovered reel to reel tape of EC singing lead vocals on a basement recording of "Magic Bus" by the Who from 1967.


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