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Hi Everyone!

Braves fan

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Goofy is fine with me!! I like people who can get together and have a good time. I've read a lot of the posts on the board and some of the stuff had me rollin'!! I believe it was the WHITNEY BIN LADEN thread that had my side splittin'!! But I've also read some of the deeper threads on here and I was blown away by how you all interact. No throwin' punches because this one disagreed with that one. Just good civil conversation, and that's cool in my book!!

Oh, and btw, you can call me Ronda. I pulled one when I was filing out the "application" and I ended up with Braves fan instead of Ronda. So I get the "GOMER AWARD" for that one!!


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HT and Marv, that's where I got the name. My mother loved the song! But when the dr. filled out the birth certificate he forgot the "h". And do you know how much stress that one little letter puts on some people?? You cannot convince them that it in fact CAN be spelled without the "h"!! LOL!!

Anyway, I see that you're from Missouri and Canada. Been to Missouri several times...not a far jog from here really, and you talk about Gods country! Theodosia (sp?) is the town near where we camped. Small, quaint, quiet....right up my alley.

Marv, the mill here in town has its home base in Canada....Either Alberta or Toronto. Can't remember which...West Fraser sound familiar??

Best run. waaaay past my bed time!!

Have a great weekend!!

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Hey Ronda!!

Wanted to add my warm welcome. Yes it does get goofy and silly and also very loving and supportive around here. You will fit right in!! Thanks for sharing the story of your name, loved it.

Welcome to the family.

p.s. LOVE that avatar too. So many new ones. Can't ever have enough of THAT handsome face!

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lbigirl, Thank you very much!! I already like it here. The atmosphere is really cool!! I do believe that is my favorite avatar, and you're right, can't get enough of that face!!

Marv, yep, they have an operation here in town. My husband works for them. They've been the owners of the mill for I'd say 6 or 7 years. They have a pretty big operation here in the southern U.S.

I have a question I'd like to ask. I know the Raspberries did a reunion tour, and wanted to know if there was a DVD of it for sale. Also, I've seen some stuff on Amazon and some other sites and was wondering if E.C./Raspberries get the royalties. Not that I'm nosing into anyone's finances, just want the money in the pocket of the people who desrve it.

Have a great one ya'll!!!


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