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The Great 2 Minute Single


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Eric during the "Hippie Years" I often felt like the only one who HATED Lee Michaels and Ian Anderson and Alvin Lee's interminable solos at the "Fillmore East" and on vinyl..."Do You Know What I Mean?".

All my friends were suddenly praising "Wooden Ships"..in TWO awful versions yet.. and laughing at my love for the Beach Boys,Guess Who and Raspberries.

Well my good buddy GMan...I've since learned... felt much the same way back then...And I've learned that you too have a special place in your heart for the great 2 or 3 minute "singles" and hated some of those late 60's/early 70's excesses.

I know Brian Wilson thinks "Be My Baby" is the greatest single ever of that genre and I myself love "This Ol' Heart Of Mine" (Isleys) "Dance Dance Danc" (Beach Boys) and many many others that are just pure "Teen Glee"!

This is one of my personal favorites..,."Have I The Right" by The "Honeycombs" featuring "Honey Lantree"..a female drummer...unusual for those times...and produced by the unbelievably crazy and homicidal "Late" Joe Meek...literally England's Phil Spector in terms of lunacy.

Do you like this record Eric?

What are 2 or 3 of your favorite "2 or 3 minute pop" records of the 60's?-Ira.

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Jerry...You're so right...It's got that Sedaka 60's double-tracked sound...But the handclapping and drumbeat are so infectious...For 45 years I've never tired of it...And Honey plays drums in a rock band wearing a skirt and blouse...Those were very different times indeed!-Ira.

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"It's got that Sedaka 60's double-tracked sound"

True, but it's also got every element of Meek's productions in spades - direct-miked stomping, lots of compression, tons of overdubs, direct-to-board bass, and drenched-in-reverb. (Dave Clark also did an occasional decent Meek impersonation behind the board in the studio...). His recording methods were the exact opposite of Spector, who used dozens and dozens of musicians to get his wall of sound.

A movie version of Meek's life is coming out shortly in the UK....should be very interesting. He killed his landlady and himself with a shotgun on the 7th or 8th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death - whom he claimed he talked with on occasion while dreaming....

BTW, Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley who wrote the song, also penned most of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's hits. including "Hold Tight", "Bend It", "Save Me", "Zabadak", etc., etc.

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Another tremendous single is "Rhythm Of The Rain" by The Cascades"

Almost backing up my point about great 2 to 3 minute 60's singles being special...Dan Fogelberg's extended remake of this classic done much later sucks! (IMHO).

Now I'm gonna kinda go against my premise.

I'm not gonna post the original 2to 3 minute "perfect" single...'cause I found John Gummoe and the much older "Cascades" doing as good a job live on stage as many much more celebrated live acts.And i wanted you guys to see it.

If you don't love this I banish you to the "Fogelberg" Website! ...-Ira.

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With no disrespect to the late great Dan Fogelberg whose "Leader Of The Band" and"Same Old Lang Syne" are gorgeous ...Now here is HIs bloated (IMHO) "Rhythm Of The Rain".

As I told Carmen Appice of "Vanilla Fudge"...DON'T kill that great 2 minute single by the Supremes..."You Keep Me Hangin' On"...But did he listen...NAH!....

But I digress here's Dan's "Rhythm Of The Rain".

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Yes Marvin..."Stay" By Maurice Williams And the Zodiacs has that distinction clocking in at well under 2 minutes and again...I think this "perfect" single is far better than "Jackson Brown"'s version.

Here at 1:36 is Maurice and Co. ...

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ira said:

...I think this "perfect" single is far better than "Jackson Brown"'s version.

Ooh I knew you were going to say that! I love Jackson's version, and if you want to hear an even better one, check out the version done by Bruce at the No Nukes concert from 1981. I'll try to find a YouTube link later.

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Ah...Phil...Perhaps I'm guilty of the original being such a reflection of the anguish I felt as a chubby kid with a crush on Debbie...the prettiest girl in school...when the original was a hit...that I find all other versions sacriligious.

My bad!

But ya gotta admit that that live version from '06 by the Cascades is damn good!-Ira.

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