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Notice for Berries "Special Edition" Buyers

Al K

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Two e-mails were sent to those who purchased the 1st 300 Special Edition sets - we want to make sure you get these e-mails as they contain some very cool stuff for you as part of your purchase!

If you didn't receive these e-mails, please let us know by sending an e-mail to:


Please include your name, address and date of your PayPal order so we can update your e-mail address in our database and send you these e-mails. Your e-mail address as stated on your PayPal order form may be outdated, and that's why you didn't get these e-mails.

Roll call: who received their e-mails, and what did you think of the special extra feature we included?



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Thanks Al !!!

I got the email this morning stating that the video would not be available until Friday, but gave it a shot anyway and it played beautifully !!! I was so happy, I was doing my "Happy Dance " !!!


The video is AWESOME !!!

Thanks again !!!


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Got the email. Since other members were able to see the video today, I clicked on the link. I was able to play the video, but was not able to download it to my Mac. It kept prompting me to buy QuickTime Pro. I will try it again tomorrow at work on my PC.

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