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Entertainment Weekly: A


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Fantastic news. Positive reviews in publications like "EW", "Billboard" and "USA Today", which have high readership and visibility, are EXACTLY what the band needs. I know that "Rolling Stone" is not well-regarded by most of us anymore, but still it would be great to get a review in there. Any idea if that's happening?


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This is absolutely AMAZING! According to EW's website:

"Each week, Entertainment Weekly brings more than 11 million readers the latest entertainment news, behind the scenes scoops, exclusive interviews and artistically executed photo spreads."

Now that's what I call getting the word out! I'm on my way to the newsstand now. laugh

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EW has been good to the band in the past, too:

Dec. 13, 2004: coverage of the reunion tour at EW.COM

Oct. 24, 2005: They again covered the reunion tour at EW.COM saying in part:


...The miracle reconcilation means most attendees were getting their first-ever live renditions of “Tonight†and “Go All the Way,†which should both go on anybody’s short list of The Most Perfect Rock Singles Ever -- the former, in particular, is as if Paul McCartney fronted a particularly horny incarnation of the Who. Jim Bonfanti still hits those tom-toms like Keith Moon, belying the group’s then-wimpy image...


On August 2, 1996, the cover story on the "100 Greatest Songs Of Summer," features Raspberries at #21 on the list at EW.COM :


21 Raspberries "GO ALL THE WAY" Summer of '72

Never mind the prissy matching suits; Beatle wannabe Eric Carmen and his Cleveland cronies were wolves in polyester clothing. Scandalous it was when, in the guise of romanticism, these fresh berries encouraged a nation of impressionable girls to give it up in the heat of '72. Here, riffrock met bubblegum in the backseat, and, well, it was left to poor Planned Parenthood to do the cleanup work.


They also gave a glowing review of "Capitol Collectors Series: Raspberries" when it was released in 1991, but I can't find that review online.

And totally unrelated, but cool, a vintage picture of Raspberries circa 1973: PHOTOBUCKET

Don Krider smile


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