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Well finally heard plainjane version of go all the way..not bad at all, great high harmonies, but when the lead singer is out on his own, the truth of Eric's unqique vocal talent is easily heard.

Sounded like a real solid bar band overall

and it was just fun to hear someonetake a shot at an ec song!!

Dean Tyler

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Listened to it a couple of times more.....still would do another take of the lead vocal...not quite there......but still in the realm of possibility of happening----let's do another take.....Obviously the guys know what they are doing....

One thing I will say is the overall sound is clear.....when I got the first Raspberries album, it was a bit mid-rangey. Usually, in those days, the single sounded like jukebox/AM radio while the album version was more full-bodied. In the case of the original GATW---no noticable sonic differences between the single and album versions.

The Plainjane version, however, is more "in your face" and clear. And, perhaps, this may be the way the song SHOULD be produced.

Someone did mention compression in one of the other postings........it can easily be good or evil. Granted, it helps make the vocals more "breathy"--in fact, it's Madonna's real best friend.....but in a final mix, too much compression can mess it up.

tdb3, you asked me if I knew who the drummer and singer were. Names don't sound familiar, but my guess are that they played on other big-name sessions. However, the late Bobby Chouinard, a previous drummer, does sound familiar to me.

Whoever these folks are, I will have to give them credit; despite a few minor things needing to be tweaked... Still, I think the tone of the lead vocal is fine----just need to do another take, to put it over the top.....

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Having had quite a few conversations with a member of the band, let's just say that what you're hearing on the website is not the final version of the song. Wait until you hear that and better still, wait until you hear their next effort!


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