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What's Wrong With This!!!!


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Just received my Greater Cleveland Official Visitors Guide in the mail by request. (www.travelcleveland.com) On page 5 they have a listing of Famous People From Greater Cleveland.

Here is the list: Halle Berry, Drew Carey, Dorothy Dandridge, Phil Donahue, Alan Freed, Arsenio Hall, Bob Hope, Sammy Kaye, Don King, Henry Mancini, Toni Morrison, Paul Newman, The O' Jays, Jerry Seigel, Molly Shannon (SNL) and Joe Walsh. WHAT???? NO Eric Carmen, NO Raspberries???

How can this be!!!!! We must email them at the above address and protest. When they find out how fast the concert sold out and how many people are visiting their fine city and leaving their hard earned bucks behind, I'll bet they'll revise the next edition and make it right!! We need to let them know the error of their ways!!

By the way, aside from the fact that Eric and the band were omitted from the list, this is a very nice guide with maps and coupons, etc. It comes with 2 other guides and arrived in about 1 week. You would still have time to request one and receive it before the show! wink

Julie R.

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Absolutely shocking! Eric is the man who wrote the song that helped to bring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland. To not mention him is a slap in the face to all the EC / Berries fans. But more than that, it's an insult to all Rock and Roll HOF visitors. If it wasn't for Eric's efforts, they'd be travelling somewhere else to view Kid Rock's dirty underwear or Eminem's used t-shirts (OK, I've never been there - I certainly hope there's more classy stuff there than that!). The Chamber of Commerce should be down on their knees kissing a shrine to Eric each and every day. I'm sure a large quantity of Cleveland's tourist dollars are directly proportional to the number of people going to the RRHOF.

Hard to believe I'm so upset about this.

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U R right. Bob Hope was born in England in 1903 and move to Cleveland in 1907 at the age of four,Though he has always considered Cleveland as his home.

On another note, I remember seeing the O'Jays and Eric Carmen in the Cleveland Christmas parade in the early 70's. I always thought the O'Jays were from Cleveland. laugh

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