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3 things


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Thing One: The set list for Chicago will probably be different from the Cleveland shows. I doubt they'll do Choir material. Any word on what songs will be added, or dropped?

Thing Two: I couldn't help but notice Bernie's use of the word 'tour' when referencing the band's plans. I guess there is a Santa Claus!

Thing Three: Speaking of Santa, what goodies does Ol' Saint Bernie have planned for under this year's Chrismas Tree??

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Dave, Have you been sneaking to The Cranbury Bookworm and reading Dr. Seuss again???!!! (My reference to "thing 1 and thing 2...)

Going to Chicago?

"Will you be sitting in a box? (Will you be sitting with a fox?!--Would you *like* to? I'll see if I'm free that night...only kidding. Just couldn't resist being a smartas-!)

It would not be a big reach to think they would do 'On the Beach.'

I noticed Mr. B said 'tour!' I guess several venues are for sure.

Sometime, sometime if you can, we must meet you for breakfast, Sam-I-Am! (Maybe for Green Eggs and Ham--at The Cranbury Inn!)

If all goes well, we'll invite 'The Cat'

(Not Dr. Seuss' but John Shaft in his hat!"

smile --Darlene haha

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Hey Bernie,

How about a little teaser regarding what Santa may leave under the EC.com Christmas tree!! Not that we haven't gotten some fantastic early presents this year already!! Maybe there are still a few surprises in store for all of us good little guys and gals??!! You know how we love your teasers!

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