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So, is this what us puzzle solvers agree on:

There are LOTS of cool things in the works including more shows, TV appearances, and you're not gonna believe this but the boys have been asked to tour in Japan!

If we're right, this is mighty exciting news. If not, at least we can hope that my guess of PLAY NAKED still is an option! eek

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A few guesses as to ---- -----

It's either got to be "play naked" or "play in Tokyo"! Seeing that Eric has such a large fan base in Tokyo, it wouldn't be too surprising to see them head over there. The playing naked is just my own fantasies... eek

He is huge in Taiwan too. Whenever I happen to be listening to FM radio here, I hear one of his tunes. EC is a daily play in Taiwan.
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My guess would be Japan also....never been there myself before so this would be a good excuse.

If you going to Japan you'd better bring an extra suitcase for all the money you will need! Its very expensive there! I did manage to find a couple cheap hotels though. Its a really fun place with very polite people. Super clean too. Great drinking water. The best food I've ever had. No wonder its expensive!
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I found the article on Billboard's website. The feature starts as follows..

The Beat: The Raspberries Prep Their Return

In our humble opinion, "Go All the Way" is one of the best power pop songs ever, which makes it all the more exciting that the Raspberries are reuniting for their first show in 31 years.

However, the rest of the article costs between $155 and $590, depending on which subscription you sign up for. You can get a 72 hour pass for $30. That's probably three beers at the HOB. Since four balcony tickets, a round trip plane ticket, and hotel has cost almost $1000, I think I'll try to find the issue at Barnes and Noble for $2, scan it, and post it.

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Tokyo is not that expensive if you know where to stay and where to eat. Personally I would go to Las Vegas to see Eric but a 12 hour flight to Tokyo from California is too much stress on me to see a rock show. laugh

But Suede, you might be able to find "some chicks" there!
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