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Any chance of EC playing at Kerry's inaugaration....

Lawyer fan

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I think Wally played at a Kerry rally recently, if I recall correctly. But keep in mind that some artists don't want to show their political beliefs on their sleeves.

For example, two major acts from the 70s lost a big chunk of their fan base....and on both sides of the same issue......Seals and Crofts(pro-life)and Melissa Manchester(pro-choice). Had they not made a big deal about politics, the would have better viability in their careers.

But still, being asked to play the inagural is always an honor, regardless of who is president.

And I'm willing to bet that neither Kerry nor Bush have no clue who Eric Carmen is. In fact, many people in the music industry don't know who Eric is......how do you expect the politicians to know?

Except for Dennis Kucinich......he was the mayor of Cleveland.....and he would be a complete idiot

NOT to know who Eric is. Every other politician most like does not have a clue.....

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Some bands, when they first join up and play their first and final stage band name, after trying out differnet names, at a stage site, which was,Cyrus Erie for the guys, the Raspberries, I think they will play their Raspberries Reunion Concert there, because it was

where they started off on the right pathway together.

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Just my two cents, but I think we're better off keeping politics out of this forum.

To each his own, ya know?

EC at any inauguration would be cool, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

If it's Kerry, expect Springsteen/REM/Fogerty/Dixie Chicks/Mellencamp.

If it's Bush, expect

Country/Western and contemporary Christian artists.

Whatever--I'll be glad when it's over and we can all be friends again, K?



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