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Raspberries cartoon show


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I remember that, it was pretty cute. I think the Berries would have to be more widely known in order to pull it off, so as not to be perceived as just cartoon characters. Judging by the amount of people that still go "Who are they", they need to bring themselves before the public in more concerts and talk shows and radio play with new material before going the cartoon route. But if or when they do, I think they would be adorable.

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Sterling, maybe you could start a comic book featuring the Raspberries. You could make it a monthly publication, put it up for sale on the web-site! If I was artistic I would do it. You could have the boys in concerts all over the place and have....who could be a villian?...Yeah! the Cleveland Press!....or Capitol Records!...This Idea has some merit! It could be the start of something big!

Bill C.

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It's a good idea, maybe for later in the year, like Thanksgiving or later, because more people could watch. A holiday theme is best at that time. Show them rehearsing music in a garage. Then, later, everyone has a big meal together, and they talk about the meaning of friendships, family, and what's important at that time of year for everyone. A few jokes, or 'The jokes on you' antics at the dinner table. If you watch The Simpsons, like I've been doing lately, you can get some ideas. Cable T.V. would be less expensive than the main T.V. stations. I was talking to my friend today, who is producing an animation film project in the future, but not doing the actual animation, and learned some things about this. Get ideas, and try to put them together. smile

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