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Tickets hard to print!


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I cannot print my Cleveland tickets. The site is not user friendly. I have adobe 4.0, but it keeps saying I need 4.0 or higher. I have it! I have a reciept, but they will not accept this unless I have the printed tickets , which I cannot print. BE very careful. I'm not sure what the problem is. I 'm putting a stop on my credit card, if this isn't resolved today. Anyone else have a problem printing tickets.?

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I know you can go on Adobe's website and download a higher, free version. It takes about three hours to download it, though, as I just had to do it the other day to read a basketball schedule for my daughter. It was very frustrating, as I only had to see one thing, but it had to be done!

Don't give up your tickets, my friend! Try this first and see if it helps. Maybe the site isn't updated where it says 4.0 or higher?

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