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A Message From Eric


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Someone request a knight in shining armor? No guarantees -- but your prayers may have been answered. I just received this message from Eric. He read your frustrated posts this morning and is thinking of you :-)


- - - -

"When the idea for the 'meet and greet' was adopted, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be for everyone to get those seats. I'm going to talk to the band and the House Of Blues on Monday and try to work out some other way for the fans to participate in the 'meet and greet.' Frankly, I'm more interested in meeting the fans than some VIP with a ticket connection. Please let the Message Board know I won't let them be shut out of this."


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That's nice to hear on many different levels. It's obvious to me that the HoB is holding back tickets from these shows for their own promotional purposes (It's opening day weekend). There are no reserved seats for Les Paul the next night either. I'm not very happy with the way the HoB handled this but, at the risk of sounding like a corny fanboy, I am happy to see Eric reach out to the fans like this.

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Back in 1973 or so I saw the Raspberries in Spartanburg SC. I was back stage for a long while chatting with the guys as the Hollies played on stage. Every now and then someone would disapeer... they were helping a few fans sneak into the show! I was 18 then and still smile about it. If you look in Bernie's book, the group shot of the band backstage is from that show... it's a wonder I got them to hold still long enough.

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I was trying to take the high road this morning when I didn't get VIP tix (still have 2 GA floor tix) thinking "all the boarders will fill me in after the concert and the next day about the meet and greet - I'll live vicariously through them"

and this post comes out...........

Bernie and Eric, whatever you guys can do for us will be gravy.

thanks a million - annie

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It's wonderful to know that Eric and Raspberries truly appreciate their dedicated fans and look forward to meeting them after the show. I'm so glad everyone who wants to meet them will finally get the chance. It's a dream come true for so many of us and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks Eric, for being such a class act!! Your fans are forever grateful to know that you care!!!

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Thanks Eric,when I first "heard" about this i wanted to volunteer my "guitar tech" services(like at the Rock n roll H.O.F.(remember?)I did a "Triple lindy" off stage left to try and catch your bass..LOL!),It was an honor to be a part of the show.I realize with all the celebs, and security,that this time it couldn't happen ,Now I have my vip confirmation, and am counting down the days.

Paul and I are doin a few gigs around in the next

few weeks,drop by and have a few martini's on me ok?

What a suprise that would be..............Oh my!

thanks again for all the great music over the

years.Danny S.(Sidoti)

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Eric -- you're quite the mensch!

When I was in Cleveland at Labor Day and wasn't able to touch base with you, Bernie told me about the concert. I invited Angelo and Kenny to come along so we could have a Scarlet Fever Reunion! Ange couldn't go but Kenny wanted to. Unfortunately, Kenny wasn't successful in getting tickets so I'll be going solo. Looking forward to seeing you then!


Karen Shane in Miami

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