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Overdubs 1 & 2 or 1 & 3 or 2 & 3

Roadie #3

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Tonight 2/17 (or at the time I am writing this is 2/18) I went out to see Billy & Jen do their new duo act. All I can say is WOW. If you have not heard Jen sing other than an "Overdub" WHAT A VOICE and Billy so talented and equally a great voice. So for those of you near and around Cleveland check out Billy's website for more announcements of where Billy and Jen are playing. It is a great show and while we wait for a return of the Raspberries tour they will sooth your soul with some great music

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Errnie, if we could just convince all of you talented folks to move south, say uhmm, ORLANDO, we could see/hear them all the time - life would be grand.

It's Feb 18 and it's in the 70s. Next Monday it's expected to hit the 80s. Now tell me again why people live in the cold north? Before you think I am a snooty southerner, I lived my first 52 years in the north (Philly).

To the topic, I would love to hear Billy and Jen but until they tour I will have to pass. Now if they record that would be cool (or should I say warming).

Maybe the Berries will set aside at least one song during the show for the overdubs to shine.


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I agree with you regarding the weather. I now live in Cincinnati which the weather is a little better than Cleveland (not much) but prior to Cincinnati and my departure from Cleveland in 1983 I spent 15 wonderful warm years in South Texas and do I miss the warmth. I envy Dave living in AZ. But we live where we do to make a living and right now North is the place.

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From Billy


Hey Marv, I thought it went well. We're pretty much doing a wide variety of songs from Madonna to Shyerl Crow to Beatles to Eagles to Disco songs to Cheap Trick. I'm playing acoustic guitar and Jenn is playing piano to pre recorded tracks. Some I made in my studio, some we got from other sources. We just went for it last night for the first time without much rehearsal. Some rusty spots but overall, it went pretty well. Billy



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What Billy forgot to say is that they even did "Nobody Knows" by some local Cleveland band and I will say quite well. I will confess that I asked Billy if they did any Raspberries songs. I know it was their first night together but the results were excellent.

As for my day gig, I am the Eastern North American Sales Manager for a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment. We market to large laundries like Cintas, Aramark, large hospitals, uniform rental companies, etc. I have been doing this for about 25 years for various manufacturers located in the US and Europe. Lots of travel..

But I would prefer just to be a roadie for the Berries but it won't pay the bills at this time.

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