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The COUNTDOWN to Cleveland

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I was member #30 on the board. I go waaaaaaaaay back. Been a fan of the Raspberries since 72. Had tickets to see them in Detroit in 75, but they cancelled and broke up. I'll be in Cleveland. I can't wait. I got my 6 year old even singing "Let's Pretend!"

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I guess someone more knowledgeable than I would have to be the one to say how long the set will be, but put it this way...the first two times they were in Cleveland they played, I think not 2-hour sets, but 90 minutes...and given that a) the bands they're playing with here are being billed as "opening acts" rather than equally on the bill, and B) this is Cleveland, after all...I should think their sets for this show would be just as long as for their two HOB shows here.

And if I'm wrong, I'll eat a bug!

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