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Plain Dealer columnist on NY shows!!!!


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baby sister & anniekny, i completely agree with you, and for the most part, that is how this web site has been over the years.

so why are we editing and attacking (telling him his opinions are'nt welcome here, he should post elsewhere) Lew'(bundles) posts, just because he is not a fan of "the boss"?????

i read his post, there have been 100's over the years worse than that!

yes i know bernie, wrong thread, (i promise to start a community bruce thread over the weekend)!

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Somehow, I missed the part about telling him to post elsewhere or not being welcome.? Where is that?

My take on it was that he (and others) were being told to put their comments in the right forum (community). Lew definitely made a sarcastic/negative/funny? (tough to tell without gremlin usage) comment about being edited. And, yes, I absolutely could be DEAD WRONG, but it seemed that there was some baiting going on i.e. The BOSS vs hate bruce.

Nasty posting is apparently what took down the old Raspberries site.

Bernie's site, his bat, his ball. We play by his rules or not at all.

I would miss this site if it got taken down by negativity, wouldn't you?

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Just something I noticed while I was in Cleveland for the Pavillion concert. The Rock & Roll hall of fame "Cleveland Section" had very little on the Raspberries. One of Jim's drum heads and Wally's missing flying V (which he's using right now). I don't know if it means much but I didn't see anything reguarding Eric's solo career or even his name mentioned. Did I miss it?

I would think he should be mentioned as a solo artist.

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It's pretty sad how little there is there. What a kick in the pants, and yet I figured that is what Eric had been getting most of the life anyways, in the music biz. That is why, it is so nice to see Eric "Kicking" some pants of his own right now, along with all the guys. They will show them.


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To clarify things a bit, as I was just back at the HOF yesterday visiting it with a friend:

There is no "Cleveland section" for Cleveland bands alone. There is an exhibit called "Hang On Sloopy: The Music of Ohio." This initially began years ago (like, 1997) as a small and temporary exhibit. However, in about 2003, it became a permanent one. In other words, it does NOT rotate--it is there all the time, whenever you go. Some of the people who came for the Cleveland concerts went there and saw it.

Now, that having been said...the exhibit as it currently stands is not quite the same as it was back when it was a temporary exhibit. I saw it in late 1997 and at that time I could swear it had a copy of Eric's handwritten lyrics to "Go All the Way." As it currently stands, it does not. This was, to my recollection, the only evidence of Eric that the exhibit ever contained, which really is a shame. I don't know who got rid of that exhibit item or took it back.

Also, as has been pointed out, Wally's Gibson Flying V guitar is gone....a state of affairs that makes me quite happy, as I would much rather HEAR it than just LOOK at it, and I know it is being put to good use and I'm seeing and hearing plenty of it of late, thankyouverymuch!

Now. Here is the evidence of Raspberries/future Raspberries that the exhibit contains as of today:

--Wally's "choir robe" from his days in The Choir

--A shirt of Jim's with a stag head embroidered on the back, designed by Jim

--Wally's "patch pants"

--Jim's Raspberries bass drum head which is listed as being from "the Raspberries reunion concert in 1998." The only event I can think of that this refers to is the one in which I believe Dave, Jim Wally participated but no Eric. Of course, to me this is not a true "Raspberries reunion concert" at all, and to identify the bass drum head as being from one is misleading. It's a beautiful drum head, but to me it doesn't symbolize the TRUE reunion of the band.

There are no artifacts from Eric or Dave at all. Like I said, I'm sure I saw the written lyrics to GATW back in '97 when it was just a tiny exhibit on the third floor instead of a permanent one in the Ertegun Exhibition Hall. But that's gone.

And just for another thing to point out, if you go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland, you can find Wally's gold record for GATW on the wall near the reservations area, which appears to be where they put most of the Cleveland memorabilia. But there's way more of Joe Walsh and the like.

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Yeah, I mis-spoke when I said The Cleveland section, It was the music of Ohio. All I know Eric should be prominently displayed as an Ohioan that has made his mark in rock & roll. Not only as a memeber of the Raspberries, but as a solo artist. I understand that the HOF is a privatly owned and funded entity. But they need to keep credibility, even if it's just a photo montage.

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