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"New" Raspberries Compilation


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Well, made a special trip to Best Buy in Omaha today (I was going to Omaha anyway, just not to BB). Anyway, tried to get the "New" Raspberries Compilation CD. The guy looked it up on his computer and said it is "back-logged" and their store won't be getting any of them. There will be 3 at their Lincoln store.

I realize there's nothing "new" on here, but I just like to have everything! He said it is re-mastered, so hopefully, it will sound good, if I can get my paws on one.......


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I know I complained about it, but when people here started saying it was a better quality recording, I went looking for it, too.

The Best Buy I went to in Chicago today told me that it was on back order, but that six people had pre-ordered it in their inventory system! (Gina...is that you? LOL)

Is this Capitol screwing with them AGAIN?????

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I went to tower records today to find my copy, but to my amazement, I couldn't even find their card! I looked around and found nothing!! I was not happy. So then I made my way over to look for Eric's bin and guess what?? there was no card for him either!! No card, No music, Nothing! I felt like someone took the air out of me. I thought about ordering the CD there but I was too upset with them to ever want to go back there. June grumpygrumpygrumpy

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