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Let's CHAT tonight!


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Our first official chat will be taking place tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST (after Saturday night's show we have LOTS to chat about!) I have no idea how many people the chat room can accomodate, so if it crashes, or you can't get in, my apologies.

In the future I hope to have a number of official chats with VIPs (you know who they are :-)

See you tonight!


PS: It's important that you REGISTER your nickname and password ahead of time. When you arrive for the chat, follow these steps to LOG IN:

1. Click on the button that says CHAT in the masthead. That'll take you to a page where JAVA will load. If you don't have JAVA installed on your computer, you'll need to get it.

2. There are fill-in blanks for USER NAME, NICKNAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS and CHANNEL. If you've pre-registered, you'll only need to enter your NICKNAME.

3. Click CONNECT. This will take you to the CHAT ROOM. You will have one minute to verify your nickname by entering a password. Use the COMMANDS pull-down menu and click on NICKSERV PANEL.

4. Click on the IDENTIFY button and enter your password (case sensitive):

5. Hit return on your keyboard and you should see: "Password accepted -- you are now recognized." That's it.

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I missed the chat too crying

Actually, Saturday on the way into the city,I was having an unusual chest pain. I wasn't about to go check it out. If I was going to have chest pain, it would have to wait until after the show. I didn't feel good all weekend, but certainly didn't let it stop me from having a good time. I decided last night to stop and check it out. The Dr. said it is ???. I don't remember the name. They did a zillion tests and said my heart was good. Whew....I was concerned because my father just had heart issues. So, he said there is inflammation around a few ribs. He said I strained my chest somehow. I think I remember lifting a heavy box last week, but had no pain at that time. It appeared a few days later,just in time to ruin my weekend.

I hope to make the next chat.

Greg, so now you know where Lucy was last night.

Thanks buddy for asking.

G crying

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Gina, same thing sort of happened to me. I lifted my plasma TV myself and felt nothing at the time, but apparently, I messed up some muscles around my ribs and heart for a few months afterwards. Just take it easy -- sometimes, even firecrackers have to slow down the 'crackin eekeek

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yes grandma.....er, i mean gina, when you lift your walker.........oooppppss, anything heavy, you must be careful. getting older for me means i am getting more forgetful....but like i always say.........uh ..............you can't...no thats not it.......theres more flies in honey.....no thats not right...........gimmme a minute....

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As for that chat....can I get an "oh, yeah"?!! Needless to say, everyone else has said it as well as I can....I'm a little bedraggled (new job kicking in) so may not talk much for the next few days, but I am here, and will be here for longer times again soon...and want to catch up again with everyone. : )

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Hey you know guys, I am getting older, and your right, as you do, you feel more arthritis and pain in your muscles.

Where is Bernie?

He has not been on here since the Chicago concert, well, the day after anyways, I hope he's ok,

Maybe he and Marvin are cooking something up together.

I have been on the chat everyday, bymyself only, where is everyone? when I see all names on here.

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