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A Message From Dave Smalley


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As of today, there's some health news in a personal message from dave about an upcoming medical procedure/surgery posted on the raspberriesonline.com mssg boards at the end of the 'general discussion' section; that, plus he dangles a carrot for possibly a little something for us to look forward to in the spring, it would seem - or at least you could read into it that way. here's to him pulling thru his surgery & restored health!

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Hi, Al. Thanks for your post. I'm fine thanks, but I'll be glad when this year is over. Sorry, I can access the Raspberries new website easy as pie, just still not able to post on the MB. I was in a pickle when I saw that Dave needed to go into hospital and typed in the wrong address for the website in my previous post in my haste!

Dave's got such a BIG heart :) I'm sure they'll have no trouble finding it and I hope he makes a mega speedy recovery!

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