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2006 A new start

Bill C

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Hey, Gene! Your post REALLY perked me up! Exactly what I was saying. 20-somethings would get it! EVERYONE would get it now! And I agree--"the time IS right!"

I have a strong feeling that there are a LOT of people who didn't know Raspberries got back together and would be VERY sorry they missed them! I know there are a lot more Razz fans (and EC fans) than know about this board!

I think you're right on with this one--the Berries can show EVERYONE how it's done!


To quote Natalie Wood's line in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, "Whaddaya SAY?" (guys!)

smile --Darlene the Cat

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Agree with Gene that the Redwalls could be big with just the right song. Based on their 2 CDs, though, I'm not sure if they're capable of writing a monster hit themselves.

IMO, there's a wealth of great young 60's/70's-style R&R bands out there waiting to be discovered. I saw at least 2 dozen bands last year at Little Steven's Underground Garage Fest (Randall's Island, NYC) that could break out nationally or world-wide if they got the right exposure (The Contrasts, the Singles, Muck & The Mires - the best Merseybeat band I've seen since The Kaisers, Jarvis Humby, the DM4, etc.). The music's still alive...the question is - will enough youngsters be interested at this point?

The huge success of some bands like Jet, the Hives, White Hypes (er...Stripes, I mean!), and the Strokes shows that there's a great deal of interest out there, provided MTV plays a particular band's videos (the modern day equivalent of the old Top 40).

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