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Clive Davis/American Idol/EC.........

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Nice to see Clive mention EC last night on American Idol; also nice to see All By Myself

sung by one of the contestants. Actually, while she was doing a terrible rendition of the song, I kept thinking that EC's version was 100 times better. The original of a song usually is, IMHO.

Enjoy. Marc

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Speaking of Clive....

did you notice how everyone was KISSING HIS ASS!!!

They gave him complements like HE was singing.

HE picked a great song for them to sing.

HE won DIANA a place in the finals.

that wasn't right. I don't care who he is.

They were all over themselves for HIM.

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Zuke - Clive was, and arguably still is, a very

dominating person in the biz. He made many careers

and, in fact, has first "dibs" to sign up the winners from American Idol. I think some of the former winners and runner-ups are on his label.

The man has a great ear for talent and songs;

I bet Simon wouldn't mind producing for his label once AI runs its course. Marc

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I don't know how good an ear or how much talent Clive has, but he certainly has had power in the past (don't know if he still does), and "he who has power (or who is perceived to, whether he still does or not) gets his a** kissed." He may have made some good decisions with Arista and his other company (he made some good ones when he was with Columbia and some disasters as well), but I don't think he made very good decisions where Eric was concerned, except to sign him. He seems to have been a control freak and never let Eric do what he wanted. He obviously didn't know what to do with Eric. Not very smart, in my opinion. That didn't show me any brilliance on Clive's part.


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