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E.C. on you tube


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Hey, thanks Randy. I just popped in to catch up and watched "Tonight." You know, that is such a kick-a** song after all these years, and it still rocks better than almost anything that's come out since mid-1973. And what a great performance.... Those "HA!!!"s Eric lets out are classic, and I love watching/listening to Wally's guitar blister along all the way through the song.... He never lets up and looks like he's having a great time.

Those Raspberries --- pretty good band, huh?

Now I've gotta go check out "Go All the Way" on the Mike Douglass Show....

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I just checked out the youtube clip and it appears someone replaced the actual audio from the show with the record. Not sure where that happened. Maybe all of the bootlegs are like that but unless I am mistaken, the version I have (from the master tape) features a totally LIVE vocal. The same is true for the other tune they performed -- "I'm A Rocker." I'll have another look at my tape tonight and follow-up with you tonight on this thread.


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Thanks Bernie!

The version you have must be awesome!

Maybe you can clear something else up for me...

On an earlier thread about "The Midnight Special" I referenced that I remember seeing the Raspberries perform on the show, and one of the songs was "I Can Remember". Is my memory acurate, or am I mistaken?

Let me know - Thanks,


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"I Wanna Be With You" and "Let's Pretend" were performed 100% live on The Midnight Special. In fact, the old clip of the band starting "I Wanna Be With You" that Ken and I used on our pre-concert video before the real band kicked in was from that Midnight Special performance.


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Bernie I have the same versions. Midnight was completely live and Mike Douglas was tape with live vocals. I even remember talking to Jim at Eric's HOF show about the last Douglas gig. Watch Jim try to play drums, but not make noise on the video. He obviously shows restraint.

It's funny in the interview that when it came up that Jim was married, the rest of the boys wanted to make sure it was known that they were not.. in fact they mentioned the hotel they were staying at... then a million years later Eric runs into Mike at a neighborhood open house

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Well, well, hello everyone,

I would like to ask Eric and the guys, if The Raspberries ever came to perform here in Canada, I would love to sing a duet of, "ecstacy" with Eric , Wally, Jim, Dave.

By the way,

How is everyone?

I miss you all, I mean everyone.

Soon is the Weekend at Bernies, Bernie, can you you please mail me a group picture of everyone at your party, please.

I would like to say hello to Raspberries record


My fellow Berries friends.

I'm busy like a beaver helping planting flowers and vegetables in my friends backyard.

Oh yes guys, FINALLY,

My KITCHEN is being renovated on Monday.

Next week.

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If eyewitness testimony proves anything, I can assure everyone that the Midnight Special performance was, as Bernie put it, 100% live. I know because that afternoon I was the sole audience member (apart from my mother and aunt, the exigencies of transportation . . .) -- a scheduling conflict required the Raspberries to tape their segment hours before the rest of the show.

One of the great moments of my life. But exceeded half an hour earlier when the boys sang "Let's Pretend" a cappella to me in their dressing room.

All the mildly disparaging things Eric ever said about 16-year-old girls aside, I don't think the moment could have had half the impact had I not been one. A 16-year-old girl, that is. Actually, I don't think it would have happened if I'd been anything else. Can't quite imagine them crooning to Lester Bangs.

So nice to pull out this most precious bit of my past -- thanks for being a place where I could.

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What a great story!

Ha. One thing I'll never forget about that Mike Douglas Show is that I actually got to stay home from school and see it...through sheer fortunate misfortune.

I had been sick earlier and had missed a test day in seventh grade gym class. As a result, the day before the Mike Douglas show aired, I had to take a make-up test. The test required me to vault over a gymnastics horse, and then vault over a gymnastics horse and DO A TRICK. This was absurd. I could not even vault over the horse, much less do a trick over the horse. I just wasn't physically good at anything...you might as well have asked me to BE Olga Korbut for the day.

So, when they tested me on getting over the horse, I didn't make it over. Then they tested me on getting over the horse doing a trick. So I decided "Well, I can't do a trick, but maybe this time I can at least get over the horse?" So I tried my best and WHAM--I vaulted over the horse, and ended up on my side in the foam pit, curled up in a fetal position, my side in agonized pain.

I ended up taking a trip to the emergency room, but there were no broken ribs. I'd just gotten bruised really badly and could barely move without pain. So I had to stay home from school the next day...WHEN THE RASPBERRIES WERE ON MIKE DOUGLAS!!!!

Only those who know the misery of growing up in the days before VCRs and easy time-shifting can understand the happiness I knew. Because, hey, the way I was looking at the world in 1974, if I didn't get to see the show while it was being broadcast that day, on my local station, I was going to miss out on my chance FOREVER.

As things turned out, that did not end up being true. But at the time...was it worth it to bruise myself going over that damn horse just to be able to stay home from school and watch my Raspberries? You bet. Even if that really wasn't why I did it.

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