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HOB Ticketing Question?


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Of all the years I have had Erics music, The Raspberries, and have not known about this site Or early classic site, I feel that I have neglected this fact.

If I had known way earlier, I would have been on here long ago.

But, you know, I am now glad, happy, I did finally discover Bernie and this site, Eric Carmen and the guys, I'm slowly getting to them, they are getting to know me.

This is a big thrill to me.The friends on here make a difference, in a good caring way, and loving way.

Let's join hands and say a prayer for the good things in life to come, and what we have learned from eachother in shareing.

From the past to the present.

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I ordered at exactly Noon Oct 4 got center VIP balconey seats. The only thing I have is a print out of HOB email with my order number and a confirmation that I have purchased seats. My CC has been charged.

The email states the shippping methid (Standard shipping) and has my address.

The email says that WHEN the tickets are printed a Will Call/Shipping confirmation email will THEN be sent out.

SInce I nor it seems anyone else has received this email...I assume they have not been printed.

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From HOB

Due to construction at

House of Blues Cleveland, we will begin processing and delivering tickets

the first week in November.

SHIPPING: If you selected to have your tickets delivered, you will

receive them in November, at least 5 to 7 business days before the show

date. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a second email

with a delivery estimate.

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