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Artful Dodger are BACK!


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First the Raspberries, now northern Ohio's other favourite pop/rock sons, Artful Dodger , return for a New Year's one night stand! Tickets go on sale this Saturday and it's sure to be a scorcher. If you can, please check it out...on the Wayside (and bring all ya friends!)!

After more than 14 years, Artful Dodger will return to the Cleveland Agora stage on December 31, 2005, and it is because of you. Your interest in this and our sister site the Artful Dodger Fan Forum helped to spark this reunion. The band has been rehearsing for weeks and tickets are on sale this Saturday.

Please see the announcement at http://www.adodger.ho8.com/SMF%20Forum/index.php for additional information and ticket prices. A job well done to all of you for supporting this group and the Fan Forum. A thousand kudos to the Garys, the Steves, Billy and Peter for listening to the fans who wanted nothing more than to see and hear you live once again. Your adopted hometown is ready and waiting. Keep checking in here for more information. See you at the Agora on December 31st.

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