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Hear Raspberries at Brian Wilson shows!


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I just heard that the walk-in music at Brian Wilson's concerts this summer features a cool surprise. Here's the track list:

1) Beach Baby - First Class

2) My World Fell Down - Sagittarius

3) I Live For the Sun - The Sunrays

4) Sunshine Girl - The Parade

5) Pale and Precious - Dukes of Stratosphere

6) Another Day Like Today - The Flame

7) New Yorks A Lonely Town - The Tradewinds

8) Cruisin' Music - Raspberries

9) Why Does Such A Pretty Girl Sing Such Sad Songs - Roy Wood

10) Baby, Baby It's You - The Group

11) See My Baby Jive - Roy Wood

12) Australia - Kinks

13) Humble Daisy - XTC

14) Standing In That Line - Sleeping Giant

15) Dear Brian - Chris Rainbow

16) Guess I'm Dumb - Glen Campbell

17) Wouldn't It Be Nice - Frida

18) Malibu U - Harper's Bizarre

19) California Home - Marc Eric

20) Thru Spray Colored Glasses - Dino, Desi, & Billy

21) Yellow Balloon - The Yellow Balloon

Back a number of years ago when I worked with Britney Spears (before she was barefoot, smoking and pregnant—not necessarily in that order :-) she invited me to bring our daughter to one of her shows. I did and Cheryl got to meet her backstage. That was certainly a highlight for her. But the highlight for me was that they actually played "Tonight" in her "walk-in" music. I couldn't believe it! I'm not sure if Britney was a fan or if it was selected by some cool guy who programmed her pre-show music. Needless to say, I did get a kick out of all of those teenage girls in the audience getting to hear Raspberries that night!


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That is a VERY cool walk-in song list, and always great to see the Berries favored. I intend to see BW next week when I am back on the East Coast -- PS ... As I had mentioned to Marvin the day of WAB, BB fans -- take note of Chris Rainbow (#15 up there)-- his music is unbelievable, and I am glad the BW camp paid homage to many great artists in that list...

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I just heard that the walk-in music at Brian Wilson's concerts this summer features a cool surprise. Here's the track list:

8) Cruisin' Music - Raspberries


Hi Bernie,

I mentioned this over on Raspberries.net a few weeks back. I attended a Brian Wilson show in Brighton, UK, a few weeks back and had rather a surreal experience: whilst getting off on the pre-gig music between the support act and Brian, as listed above (hearing the 'Berries made my evening... as did hearing The Flame!), who should walk in and sit two seats in front of me? Roger Daltrey. No kidding happy So there I was, listening to the Raspberries, sitting in front of two of the band's biggest influences. Cool indeed!

Just for the record, the walk-in/interval music was compiled by Darian Sahanaja, Brian's 'musical director' and Wondermint. It turned out to be a wonderful show (as usual) and a very memorable night. Anyone tempted to see Brian and his 'band of angels', don't hesitate. happy

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No disrespect meant for my favorite group-The Raspberries and my favorite singer - Eric Carmen-but 2 Roy Wood Songs and New York's A Lonely Town (which by the way was an early Vince Poncia creation -he was a major player with Kiss )which is one of the greatest Beach Boy songs ( not written by Brian or done by the Beach Boys) IS pretty cool. ( OF course Eric and the Raspberries have done their share of great Beach Boy tributes too.) Thanks for the posting-Ira from Edison.

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Just a trivia note on the last song from that list that Bernie posted--Yellow Balloon by Yellow Balloon--Yellow Balloon actually was a guy named Gary Zekley (with some help from friends, including Don Grady, who played Robby on the "My Three Sons" TV show). Gary, who i got to know years ago, but has since died a while back, also wrote "Sooner or Later" and I'd Wait A Million Years" for the Grassroots and wrote the song "Superman," which was the B-side of "Sugar on Sunday" (written by Tommy James) by the Clique, a minor hit in 1969 on White Whale Records (the Turtles label). "Superman" was then covered years later (1986, I believe) by REM on its Lifes Rich Pageant album.

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